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No more eyebrow struggles with our Eyebrow sculpt 

Wake up to beautifully defined brows every morning

The hassle of daily grooming routines, coupled with inconsistent results, can be frustrating for those seeking flawless eyebrows. The constant need to fill in sparse areas, shape the brows, and maintain symmetry can be time-consuming and laborious. 

Introducing Eyebrow Lamination a professional service that involves reshaping and setting the eyebrow hairs in a desired position. 

The benefits of eyebrow lamination are numerous. It creates a more defined and structured look, giving the illusion of thicker eyebrows. By aligning the brow hairs in a uniform direction, it also helps correct asymmetry and provides a more balanced appearance. Unlike other temporary solutions, eyebrow lamination requires minimal daily maintenance, saving time and effort

Client's BEFORE & AFTER actual photo 

Time-Saving Solution to your eyebrow

Transform your EYEBROW in just 30 minutes

Excellent Styling Effect

Giving your eyebrows a three-dimensional shape, natural and denser.

Natural Fullness Effect

Preserves the natural texture of the eyebrows while increasing thickness, volume and texture

Long Lasting Effect

Effect can last 20-60 days. Eliminating the drawing of eyebrows everyday.

Exquisite & stylish

The appearance is beautiful on any occasion-under special circumstances, your eyebrows will be ready at any time

"When KILAY is LIFE, try our Eyebrow Sculpt"

Who are the GOOD candidates?


Naturally thin, curly, or unruly hair that grows in all directions



Gaps in brows due to over plucking or over waxing


Thinning of hair due to age or illness


Eyebrows that lacks definition or shape

Uneven eyebrows

Conditions Not Suitable for Eyebrow Sculpt

Eyebrow sculpt.jpg

Sensitive Skin


Contact Dermatitis


Allergies to chemical

Get eyebrow sculpt that streamlines your beauty routine. Achieve great-looking brows effortlessly and efficiently.

Our Price

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