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3 Tips for your Dream Summer Look

Summer is quickly approaching and you want to achieve the look to show you got that summer vibes? We got some great tips that will make you turn heads over the beach or any summer getaway place you go!

1. Smooth skin summer

Summer is a time when people hit beaches, go on road trips, and spend time with family and friends. It is also a time for summer outfits which may showcase your skin more often than in other seasons. So, having smooth skin to match this season is an absolute way to level up that summer look you have in mind. Maintain flawless, clear skin by waxing your hair; the hair that is eliminated will take longer to regrow. This makes it the ideal summertime skin care method.

2. Natural Makeup is the Best

Putting on makeup at the beach is not a smart idea. So, how will you maintain a fresh look throughout the day? You're staring at it the entire time you look in the mirror as your naturally smooth skin is the best makeup for you. Sustain or level it up with face waxing or IPL, which lightens the targeted region and removes hair that may interfere with the fresh look you're after. More importantly, it boosts your confidence to go out whenever you want without having to worry about putting on a lot of makeup on your beautiful and lovely face.

3. Vibrant tan look

There is no doubt that getting a tan for summer is an amazing way to level up your appearance. Although many people enjoy the shade of a deep tan on their skin, studies reveal that it is an indication of skin damage. It's a good thing spray tans can give you that sun-kissed healthy glow quickly without exposing your skin to UV rays from the sun or tanning booths, and they can last up to 7-10 days!

This is the time to enjoy, so don’t let anything mess up your vibe, even a single strand of hair must not get in the way of your moment.

Here at Pink Parlour, we got your waxing, IPL, and spray tanning covered to elevate your dream summer look!


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