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5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas this 2021

The holiday is just around the corner and for sure everyone is so excited and is already planning where to spend their holiday break. Spending time with your loved ones, friends and colleagues is a great way to spoil yourselves after doing exceptional work throughout the year.

Ever wonder where and how to spend your holidays?

Instead of planning non-stop and can't think of any places to spend your precious time, pampering yourselves and your loved ones is one great option.

As the holiday is approaching, everyone is taking their time to think of what to send or give a gift to the close people on the list. Here are some ideas you should not miss!

Gift #1 Gift vouchers

Got friends whom you do not really know what they want? A gift voucher is perfect! They can spend it on any of their preferred services - waxing, IPL treatment, and even our products too. Bonus, it’s valid the whole year-round. They can use it anytime and in all our branches island wide.

Awesome, isn’t it?

Check out our gift vouchers here:

Gift#2 Kitty plush toys

This cute furry friend will accompany you everywhere and it's perfect to give as a present this holiday season. It is 10 inches tall, perfect for kids and toy lovers. It comes with a gift container that is beautifully packed to ensure the quality of the product. Here at Pink Parlour, we handle our products with care. That's why we are strict when it comes to packaging. We always make sure that the product when arrived at your lovely home is carefully packed.

Get it here

Gift #3 Wax Myself Kit

Want to have smooth and radiant skin?! We all know how busy the holiday season can get! The hustling and bustling for the Christmas festivities and the never-ending gift idea list! As much as we want to go to our favorite PINK PARLOUR store and have an amazing waxing session, there is simply no time with such a tight schedule. Hence, why not try our new Wax Myself Kit? It’s composed of the same almost painless candy wax our PINK stores have! Perfect for some little me time! Get your hands on one today!

Gift Idea #4 Upgrade to IPL treatments

If you have been doing Brazilian Waxing ever since it’s about time to upgrade to IPL treatments that will make you hair-free forever!

Here are the reasons why you need to choose Pink Parlour Alpha Light Permanent Hair Removal?

1. It’s effective

2. No more burns

3. BYE, BYE ingrown hairs (chicken skin)

4. Save time & money

5. Lightens the targeted area

Receive complimentary IPL Shots on your next appointment!

Book your next appointment here:

Gift Idea #5 BumBum Facial

Oh, this is our newest service! Did you know that Bumbum Facial is the new facial now? This quick and safe treatment helps remove acne, blemishes, and other impurities. Check out its deets why you need this especially this holiday season!


The first step to any treatment is the removal of dirt and oil. Cleansing removes impurities to give the skin a fresh look and enables the products to penetrate the skin properly.


A preparatory scrub to help remove bumpy skin and button culprits - the dead skin build-up. Specifically formulated products containing DHA, glycolic and salicylic acid will be applied to emulsify dead skin cells and lighten the gluteal folds.


As we get older, our skin’s ability to produce healthy levels of collagen and elastin diminishes. Tea tree and seaweed-containing products will be applied to help boost collagen production and help regenerate skin cells within the area.


The final step is to get rid of hyperpigmentation and excessive sweating and reduce the appearance of cellulite through a pampering booty mask.

Try our newest innovation today!

Book your next appointment here:

Now, you can finally decide which and whom to give these gift ideas. We hope that you enjoy this holiday season and keep yourself posted with our amazing surprises until the end of the year.


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