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Achieve Brighter Skin with Pink Parlour's Instawhite Treatment

Dark underarms, bikini lines, or other intimate areas can sometimes knock our confidence down a notch. But what if there was a way to achieve a brighter, more even skin tone quickly and safely?

Pink Parlour's Instawhite service is your answer to achieving radiant, flawless skin. This innovative treatment targets those stubborn dark spots and uneven complexions, leaving you feeling confident and ready to bare some skin!

Here's what makes Instawhite so amazing:

Instant Results: See a visible difference in just one session!

Safe and Effective: The treatment uses safe ingredients to gently break down the pigment responsible for skin darkening.

Painless Process: Say goodbye to discomfort! Instawhite is a painless way to achieve brighter skin.

Long-lasting Effects: Enjoy the results of your treatment for a longer period.

Targets Specific Areas: Instawhite is perfect for underarms, and intimate zones.

Our instawhite treatment incorporates a combination of techniques to achieve maximum results:

  • Supreme Whitening Duo Scrub: This gentle scrub removes dead skin cells without irritation, leaving your skin feeling smooth and prepped for the next steps.

  • Whitening Light Therapy: Light therapy helps break down melanin, promoting a gradual lightening effect.

  • Snow White Mask: This mask further whitens dark spots while leaving your skin feeling refreshed.

  • Thera-Clear Infusion: Deep hydration is key! This infusion provides essential moisture, reduces oil production, and minimizes dark spots.

  • Rose water Brightening Solution - This last process brightens skin, hydrates, and even out skin tone.

Before Instawhite Treatment

After Instawhite Treatment

Ready to experience the transformative power of Instawhite? Head over to the Pink Parlour Greenhills branch and let our expert beauticians work their magic!

Visit our website for more details or contact our Greenhills branch to book your appointment today.

Don't let dark spots hold you back - flaunt your confidence with Pink Parlour's Instawhite!


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