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All About Waxing: Hard Wax vs. Strip Wax

Waxing is among the most popular methods of hair removal. It is quick, simple, and produces results that last longer than shaving. Waxing has many advantages if you apply the right wax to the right area, which is why it's so crucial to understand the differences between strip wax and hard wax.

Here is the difference between hard wax and strip wax.

Hard Wax

  • Thicker in consistency

  • Effective for smaller skin areas

  • Less painful than strip wax

  • Helps to open up hair follicles because of the heat of the wax. It makes it easier for the hair to be pulled out.

  • It can easily hold shorter hairs, so you won't have to wax the same area repeatedly.

  • Hard wax doesn’t need paper strips or muslin strips.

  • Less messy because it leaves no residue.

  • Requires more preparation time and it needs more time for the wax to harden.

  • Requires professional skill to properly executed.

Strip Wax

  • Almost liquid in consistency.

  • Quick wax application and removal.

  • Effective for large skin areas such as chest, arms, back and legs.

  • Uses paper strips or muslin strips to pull the hair out.

  • It sticks to the skin that removes dead skin cells.

  • Less preparation time than hard wax.

  • Strip wax can’t be applied to the same area because it already removes the top layer which is where the dead skin cells are.

For those who want to try waxing for the first time, it is advisable that you go to a professional first rather than do it on your own. Pink Parlour has been the best removal experts since 2005, What are you waiting for? Book your appointment to the nearest Pink Parlour salon!


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