Do’s and Don’ts After Waxing

Are you having a hard time shaving which takes lots of your time and getting cuts? Do you experience being in an awkward position just to shave some of your body parts? Try waxing! It will save time, no more cuts, convenience, and you’ll get smoother skin.

Here are the do’s and don’ts after waxing:

DO’s After Waxing

  • Moisturize

The easiest and most efficient way to maintain silky soft skin after waxing is moisturizing. Epidermis' top layer is exposing clean, smoother skin that extracts through waxing but at the same time takes away the natural oil and moisture of the skin.

  • Avoid Hot Baths

Hot water has a tendency that will expand pores and provide more space for skin to break out in developing more hair. The heat generated from hot baths can exacerbate the post-wax skin. Furthermore, avoid swimming in a public pool as chlorine can dry and can aggravate delicate types of skin.

  • Recognize speed of regrowth

After waxing, do recognize that everyone has a different speed of hair regrowing. You may do your waxing with your sister the same day but after a week you are seeing unwanted hair popping up on your skin before your sister. It could be due to different hormone levels, age, and genetics.

DON’Ts After Waxing

  • Get Hungover

As the alcohol has a dehydrating effect on the body and skin there is a tendency that hungover appointments may make the wax more painful. The pores retract when the skin becomes dry, the smaller pores are, the tighter skin can hold onto hair, leading to a more painful wax.

  • Use Perfumed Products

After waxing, avoid perfume products such as strong lotion and body spray since the chemicals can aggravate the skin and cause discomfort. Instead, use items that are scent-free and soft on the skin.

  • Hit the Gym

We are aware that going to the gym is wearing tight, air-resistant clothing that causes friction in the region and that can lead to redness and ingrown hair. In addition, there is a possibility that sweating is unavoidable that may cause bacterial infections.

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