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How to prepare for your IPL Session?

Are you or are you not a first timer in IPL hair removal and you don't know what to do before your IPL session? Here are some tips on how to prepare for your IPL session that you can do before your appointment at Pink Parlour!

1. Your hair should be at least 1mm to 2mm length before your IPL hair removal appointment. The area that you want to be treated should be fully and cleanly trimmed for about 1mm to 2mm length. Best done at a minimum of 12 to 24 hours prior to treatment.

2. Avoid waxing before treatment. Waxing should be avoided 4 weeks before your IPL hair removal treatment. This allows your hair to grow for optimum and less pain.

3. Moisturize everyday. Try to moisturize and exfoliate everyday prior to your treatment (excluding one day before your treatment) for better results and less complications.

IPL hair removal has benefits that you wouldn't expect would help you permanently. Here at Pink Parlour, we offer you the best IPL hair removal treatment, from hairy to hairfree!

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