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Manila's 5 Best Shopping Destinations

Shop 'til You Drop

1. SM Mall of Asia

One of the biggest shopping centers in the Philippines is called SM Mall of Asia. It is situated in the well-known Manila Bay Front neighborhood and has a floor area of over 40 hectares. It offers a wide variety of designer boutiques, restaurants, and bars, as well as a concert venue, a scientific center, a convention center, and three movie theaters.

Outside, there is a small amusement park that's a nice area for a picnic and to unwind and take in the sea breeze. At SM Mall of Asia, a full day can pass without you passing the same store more than once.

2. Divisoria Market

Famous for its retail and wholesale stores, Divisoria Market. There are air-conditioned malls with hundreds of these discount stalls for folks who don't feel like shopping on the streets. Given that the interior can be confusing, if you see something you like, either buy it immediately away or note the stall number in case you decide to return it. Here, haggling is customary, so don't be afraid to try your best.

3. SM Mega Mall

On the eastern edge of Mandaluyong District, SM Mega Mall can be found near the intersection of Epifanio de Los Santos and Dona Julia Vargas Avenues. This large shopping center has a floor area of 47 hectares and consists of two buildings connected by a bridge.

This is one of the biggest shopping centers in the world and is home to a variety of retail and food establishments. Kids can participate in a variety of activities at SM Mega Mall, which has an ice skating rink, a VR center, and a laser tag arena.

4. Shangri-La Plaza

A premium retail center called Shangri-La Plaza is home to approximately 300 clothing, home goods, and restaurant stores. The opulent atmosphere of Shangri-La Plaza, which is directly attached to the Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, keeps it less crowded than most Manila shopping centers. At Shangri-La Plaza, you can shop for high-end and mid-range brands like Elizabeth Arden, Cartier, GAP, Brooks Brothers, and Mango. Numerous on-site cafes and eateries serving different cuisines are available.

5. Greenhills Mall

Greenhills Mall, which opened in the 1970s, continues to draw a sizable throng of people eager to shop for a wide variety of brands and goods. The shopping center also organizes live performances all year, including music festivals and cultural activities. Greenhills Mall, which is in an affluent area of Manila, is frequently busiest on the weekends because there are so many outdoor booths offering cheap items such as handmade souvenirs, clothing, and furniture.

When you think of malls, you might picture rows of shops and bustling crowds. However, modern malls offer much more than just shopping. From entertainment centers to immersive experiences, Manila's malls have become vibrant hubs of activity. There are a lot of choices that's why people engage a lot in malls.

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