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Pink Parlour PH new outlet at SAN JUAN Greenhill O Square Mall!

Looking for a place to pamper yourself but other branches are just too far away? Worry no more! Pink Parlour has opened their newest branch at San Juan City and excited to provide you good quality service! Enjoy the convenience of having a Pink Parlour branch near you!

What you should know: Pink Parlour is the pioneer hair removal salon in Singapore established in 2005. On a mission to empower women to take control of how they can look and feel, Pink Parlour is dedicated to offering beauty treatments that enhance confidence.

Here at Pink Parlour, we offer you a pleasant ambiance with a simple yet elegant pink-themed salon, cushioned chairs, and private rooms for a more comfortable and relaxing experience. We also maintain a well-cleaned environment for our clients' safety and disinfect every corner of our outlet 3x weekly with the anti-bacterial fogging session.

Pink Parlour’s new outlet is located at O-Square 2, Greenhills Mall, San Juan. Offering the best body treatments and hair removal services. What are you waiting for? Book now for an exceptional hair removal experience!

2 Waxing Room/IPL

4 Manicure & Pedicure Seat

1 Vip Room & Lash Seat

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U-OS2-19 Ground Floor O Square Greenhills Shopping Center San Juan City

SMS/ Whatsapp: + 63 9672934319

Tel: 02 86507532

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Feb 18, 2023

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