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Soothing Lotion for After-care Waxing

Are you looking for the right product for your after-care waxing? Pink Parlour, got you! Now, we are offering soothing lotion to complete your waxing routine.

Here’s why do you need Pink Parlour’s Soothe Lotion:

✔Soothe Lotion is an antiseptic that prevents infections.

✔It is anti-bacterial that helps cure skin infections, not only prevent them.

✔It moisturizes the skin which can prevent dryness.

✔Soothe Lotion can reduce redness and itching.

✔It is also good for insect bites and minor sunburns.

Waxing removes the hair on our skin, leaving it open to dirt and bacteria that can cause infections and pimples. That’s why Pink Parlour’s Soothe Lotion is important because of its antiseptic properties.

Soothing lotion is essential after waxing, especially when redness and itching occur. It helps to reduce it even if you have sensitive skin. Your skin will feel softer and the pores will look tighter, and it leaves the skin feeling beautifully smooth.

This product is available in our online store in LAZADA and SHOPEE. Check it out!


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