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The Best Home Waxing Service in Manila

As part of our latest innovations to provide hair removal service in times of pandemic, we have just launched our newest HOME WAXING SERVICE to cater to everyone’s grooming needs!


Easy Booking

We have a friendly form to confirm your booking. Easy to use, easy to understand, and can be done in just a few clicks! Our friendly Customer Service will confirm your booking within 24 hours. BOOK HERE!

Fully Vaccinated Therapists

Your safety is our number 1 priority! All our therapists are 100% vaccinated and will follow strict protocols during treatment. Watch here for our complete guidelines during the service.

Ultimate Pink Parlour Experience

It may not be a cozy pink room at your house, but the quality of service is still the same. Enjoy almost painless waxing and excellent after-sales service.

Ready to do this? Secure your slots now and let’s get that smoothening done!

Want to learn more if first-time Brazilian waxing is painful? Read here. Moreover, if you are keen on our newest product to be launched soon, click here and get that ultimate care from the best hair removal salon in Asia.

Stay home and safe kitten! Meow!


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