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Which hair removal method can work better for you – waxing or shaving? The unending battle of what method is better suited for you.

Waxing and shaving are the most popular methods of hair removal. But, according to Science there two are very different from one another.

Waxing is a method that pulls hair from the root through repetitive tugs. It requires a warm wax that removes hair follicles from the hair shaft by a mechanical force. Waxing can last up to 2 weeks of hair-free skin and leaves your skin soft. While shaving on the other hand is more convenient and easy, you can shave as often as you like for it is only a kind of a trim, only removing hair from the surface of your skin which leaves the root intact. Here are some of the factors and arguments you need to consider when choosing between waxing and shaving: 1. Convenience

This factor really depends on the person but in a general point-of-view, shaving is as simple as going into the shower and whenever you need to trim or have the need to shave, you can do so, in the comfort of your homes. It can be done according to your fitted schedule. While waxing on the other hand requires a preparation between a home-service or booking a salon for your wax. If you want to have waxing you also need to consider the length of the hair to be waxed for it requires quarter of an inch to do so.

2. How long will the process take?

Shaving is a lot easier and could take anywhere depending on your availability. The process alone can take about 2-10 minutes depending on the amount of hair you are planning to remove. While waxing on the other hand is a fairly quick process too, it depends on the session you have booked to a spa or salon, usually it takes up to 30 minutes based on the area you wanted to get waxed at. You also need to consider with waxing are the scheduled dates of your appointments or operation schedule of each salon. 3. How long will it last?

Some dermatologists say that hair growth is variable and it depends on the number of factors of which area of your body your hair was removed. S]ince hair growth is a cycle when shaving and or waxing you are only removing a certain amount of hair and it will eventually grow back after two weeks or so. You can only extend the time of the regrowth by making sure to maintain your shaving/waxing schedule consistently. Again, it will last longer by waxing method but as opposed to shaving, though the regrowth process is a lot faster, you can shave more frequently than waxing. 4. Pain level of each method

When it comes to pain level, it is really a question of how high your threshold for pain is. but you should know that no waxing is a lot more uncomfortable in the feeling basically because it is a service done for you and not something you do for yourself, especially if you wanted to get waxed in your private area. Another thing is that the process of waxing is ripping hair follicles out of your area or body which is not a pleasant sensation in the body. You should also put into consideration the temperature of the wax that will be applied and used for doing so. While shaving is painless if it is done right or correctly if it is properly exfoliated and you have a sharp razor, shaving cream with moisturizer. 5. How much does each method costs?

It is clearly seen that shaving is a lot cheaper than waxing, but you should consider how frequent you need to do each method. For in shaving you can buy a pack of razors, shaving cream, and others, and can still cost less than each waxing session you’ll have. Overall both methods are good, it is totally up to you which is suited for the factors mentioned above, and your personal preference is the only thing that matters when deciding between waxing and shaving.

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