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Why EMSculpting is Better Than Coolsculpting

Understanding EMSculpting and CoolSculpting

If you're looking for non-invasive body contouring treatments, you might have heard of both EMSculpting and Coolsculpting. While both treatments aim to sculpt your body, they work in very different ways.

EMSculpting uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to induce muscle contractions that are more intense than voluntary contractions. This not only burns fat but also builds muscle, giving you a more toned appearance.

Coolsculpting uses cryolipolysis, a method that freezes fat cells to break them down. These dead cells are then naturally processed and eliminated by the body.


Why EMSculpting is the Better Choice

  • Muscle Building and Fat Reduction: EMSculpting offers a dual benefit – it reduces fat while also building muscle, unlike Coolsculpting which only targets fat.

  • No Downtime: EMSculpting sessions are quick, and you can return to your regular activities immediately after treatment.

  • Painless: The procedure is comfortable and painless, with most patients feeling a sensation similar to an intense workout.

Why Choose Pink Parlour for EMSculpting?

At Pink Parlour, we provide expert EMSculpting treatments performed by highly trained professionals. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures you receive the best possible care, leaving you with noticeable, lasting results.

Book your EMSculpting session at Pink Parlour today and experience the difference!

For more information, read here: Pink Parlour - EMS Shape


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