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Why is waxing almost painless?

We're sorry to break it to you, but waxing isn't entirely painless. The good news is that waxing doesn't necessarily need to be painfully uncomfortable, especially if you choose to have your waxing appointment at Pink Parlour!

Waxing can be an uncomfortable process, even if it's painless! There is still a slight level of discomfort and stinging when hair is ripped out but it's not unbearable. All you have to do is breathe through it. You will most likely get to a point where you don’t associate that feeling with “pain,” and as your skin adjusts to the waxing routine, it will become an even easier process. Your skin will not only build a tolerance to waxing, but you’ll adjust to the sensation you feel and most likely will get to a point where you don’t associate that feeling with “pain."

Waxing doesn’t come with instant results, but it does come with the potential to smooth skin, remove hair and eliminate rashes. When you’ve been dealing with a skin problem for years and are finally ready to try something new, consider waxing instead of plucking or shaving your hair.

The good news is that Pink Parlour's therapist will always talk you through the process in order to make sure it's as comfortable and pain-free as possible! And at the end of the day, we promise: Waxing doesn't have to hurt.

Book your waxing appointment and we'll take care of your unwanted hair!


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