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Why You’ll Love Pink Parlour’s Soothe Protect & Calm Lotion for Post-Waxing Aftercare

After having your armpit waxed or getting a bikini wax treatment, your skin will still need a lot of care in order to recover. If you're reading this, then maybe you are one of those people looking for the best after-waxing care product. Well, look no further!

The best hair removal aftercare product is right here!

Pink Parlour not only looks after you during your waxing treatment, but we also want to keep an eye out for you afterward. We know how much you value your body and we want to provide you with the same level of care you give to yourselves.

As a result, we always recommend this soothing lotion to our clients after waxing.

Pink Parlour’s Soothe Protect & Calm Lotion goes deep into the skin, providing nourishing hydration. From the name itself, this Soothing Lotion calms the skin. This gentle daily lotion nourishes and assists in the replenishment of the skin's natural moisture barrier. It is beneficial for its antiseptic properties. It works to reduce skin redness and lessen skin itching. Moreover, it can treat insect bites and minor sunburns.

You can use it every day to prevent ingrown hair and bumps. Possibly, slow down hair growth by 2 to 3 weeks, making the hair grow much thinner than before.

Give your skin the attention it deserves straight from nature to maintain a smooth, healthy, hydrated, and happy appearance.

This bottle has 100ML capacity so it can come in handy for your future travels. Feel free to take it with you whenever and wherever you go.

This body lotion is for you if you want:

  • Skin that is soft and smooth

  • Weightless hydration

  • Relief from the appearance of red skin

How to use:

  1. Patch test before use

  2. Apply generously daily as a moisturizer or on the affected area

  3. If irritation occurs, discontinue the use

Benefits of Using Soothe Protect & Calm Lotion

  • This product is great for everyday use

  • All natural ingredients were used

  • Proven and tested

  • Good for its portability (100ml)

  • Has antiseptic properties

  • Use for daily moisturization

  • Soothes skin after waxing or hair removal treatment

  • Reduces itching and insect bites

  • Lessen minor sunburns and skin redness

  • Prevents ingrown hair and bumps


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