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Alpha light is suitable for most skin types except on very dark skin tones. It will treat brown hairs, but does not treat very light coloured hair with little or no pigments.

For best result, shave 3 days before your appointment. STOP all waxing, epilating and tweezing as hair roots must be present during the treatment.

We do offer shaving service at ₱30 with a new set of disposable shaver.

Alpha Light Permanent

Hair Removal

Avoid warm water, sauna, steam, and hot bath after treatment as it may aggravate discomfort.

Apply sunscreen on the treated area and avoid direct exposure to sun. If you have been under strong sunlight or sunburnt, schedule your appointment at least 3 days later.

You may notice some hair fall or loosen over the next 3 days up to 3 weeks. Exfoliate gently, but do not wax, epilate or tweeze.

We recommend treatments every 3-5 weeks for the first initial 8 months, subsequent sessions would differ for each client.

Alpha Light is highly successful in treating unsightly ingrown hairs and helps lighten pigmentation problems.

You may expect an insignificant amount of baby hair growth and a touch-up after a year or 2.

"Alpha Light is a long-term hair removal program"


*Do note that sleeping hair cannot be treated in the duration of your package.


You Know Your Risk

Ensure therapist hands you protective eye gear during the treatment.

Alpha Light is proven safe and effective. However, there is a low risk of burn for areas with dark pigments or patches.

Avoid direct sun exposure on treated area to prevent burn.

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