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Why men must do waxing?

receive expert care from trained professionals at Pink Parlour

Benefits of Men waxing

Enhance your grooming with Singapore's top men's facial waxing services for a polished and confident look.

Smoother Skin

Achieve enduring grooming results with premier men's facial waxing in Singapore, ensuring a refined and self-assured appearance.

Long-lasting results

Experience smoother grooming: Choose Singapore's top men's facial waxing for lasting results and reduced irritation compared to shaving.

Reduced irritation compared to shaving

Experience Freshness with Men's Waxing

Experience smooth, touchable skin with our top-notch men's waxing service, eliminating daily shaving hassles and providing lasting impressions. Enjoy freedom and charm with flawlessly smooth skin.

Experience the 15-minute Almost Painless Waxing at Pink Parlour

  • We are using imported hard wax from Singapore

  • Pink Parlour candy only sticks to the hair, not on the skin, so it's almost painless when pulled.

  • Hair is pulled from the roots and can last your hair free for weeks

  • We are 10 years into serving almost painless waxing

  • Almost painless with our patent techniques Convenience 

Always feel satisfied and happy after the service on waxing.. My therapist’s service is very professional and fast, she made the whole session an enjoyable experience every time. Most importantly I don’t really feel the pain because of her professional service. Thank you Pink Palour for making my day a great one.


Went for my first-ever wax session and my therapist makes it feels comfortable and shares her knowledge about waxing and aftercare. Love it!


My therapist is very gentle and friendly. Did my waxing for the second time over here and it's highly recommended.


 5,000 + verified 4.9-star ratings from real customers on both Google and Facebook

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Why is Our Waxing Service Loved

Across Southeast Asia?

Shower facilities

Only Salon with Shower Facilities

Your time at our men's grooming salon should be the most comfortable and clean experience. This is why we offer complete shower facilities so that you can clean up before and after treatment - feeling fresh throughout. What's more, we're awarded with the SG Clean quality mark as cleanliness is one of our top priorities.

Experience the expertise of certified therapists for the ultimate grooming with Singapore's best-trained professionals.

Certified Therapists

To ensure you have the best  waxing experience, all our therapists need to undergo at least 4-6 weeks of intensive training conducted by Wendi Chan (our founder herself) before they are certified to perform the Boyfriend Brazilian Candy Wax Treatment. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that you're in good hands.

Rest assured, we promise transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Your grooming experience is worry-free with us.

No Hidden Fees Guarantee

Every treatment is offered at a flat rate. All our prices are transparent and we do not practice flexible pricing i.e. the same treatment is sold at the same price across all outlets. In the unlikely event that you are charged a hidden fee, let us know and we will give you a 100% refund.

Experience swift and secure hair removal. Our services ensure efficient and safe grooming in Singapore.

Quick & Safe Removal

Our hard candy wax is specially formulated for sensitive skin. It includes hydrogenated coconut oil which makes the wax more flexible - allowing our therapist to perform touch-ups quickly without the aid of strips. NO strip wax is used as it attaches to your skin (instead of hair) and may cause skin to tear.

Your hygiene matters. We strictly avoid double dips, ensuring a clean and sanitary men's facial waxing experience.

No Double dips

Pink Parlour was one of the first hair removal franchises in Singapore to introduce strict waxing guidelines, including no “double-dipping” of a spatula. This practice eliminates any contamination in the wax pots that could be transferred to future clients. Waxes are heated to maximum temperature at least once a day to ensure any residual bacteria is eliminated.


Appointment preparation tips for a better waxing experience

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Exfoliate a day or two before your appointment.

waxing tips (1).png

Avoid sun exposure for at least 24 hours before your appointment.

waxing tips (1).png

Take a pain reliever if you are concerned about pain during waxing.

waxing tips (1).png

Trim any long hairs to a quarter inch.

Avoid applying lotions, oils, or creams on the day of your appointment.

waxing tips (1).png

Communicate with the therapist about any concerns or questions you have.

Waxing can be the answer you've been looking for if you want to improve your grooming routine. Males and ladies can both benefit from waxing. You can stop using razors right now, and our qualified therapists will make the transition painlessly.

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