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Experience gentle waxing at Pink Parlour, where our signature pink candy wax ensures minimal discomfort. Our quick, efficient, and hygienic services prioritize sensitivity, offering a professional and comfortable waxing experience in our private, pink-themed rooms.

Experience the future of hair removal with Alpha Light IPL technology, providing a cost-effective and time-saving solution for long-lasting smooth skin. This safe and painless treatment is suitable for various skin types and can be used on multiple body areas, offering a versatile alternative to traditional methods.

PINK PARLOUR IPL hair removal technology_edited.jpg

Get a flawless, UV-free tan at Pink Parlour! Our experienced specialists use top-quality products and state-of-the-art equipment to create a streak-free, customized glow that lasts for days. Trust us for a perfect spray tan experience, showcasing your beautiful, sun-kissed skin.

Transform your butt's appearance with Pink Parlour's Bumbum Facial + RF Sexy Radiance treatment! Using advanced cavitation and RF-cavitation technology, along with a lymphatic draining massage, we address various skin concerns. Experience smooth, radiant, and confident skin after just one session. Book your transformative treatment at Pink Parlour today!

BUMBUM FACIA_edited.jpg
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Indulge in luxury at Pink Parlour's nail spa! Experience stunning gel manicures, pedicures, and soft gel options for a flawless finish. Enjoy complimentary tea, coffee, or cookies with your loved ones in our exclusive, uncrowded three-seat spa area. Book now for a pampering session that guarantees quality and relaxation!

Discover confidence with Pink Parlour's 'Instawhite.' Targeting dark areas like underarms, Brazilian, and bikini zones, our instant white treatment uses safe ingredients to break down melanin clusters, evening out skin tone and reducing dark spots. Quick, painless, and delivering #INSTANTRESULTS with long-lasting effects, you can return to your routine immediately. Don't let dark areas affect your confidence; try 'Instawhite' at Pink Parlour and experience the transformative difference.

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Woman having an eyelash extension
Eyelash Extension

Elevate your lashes at Pink Parlour with top-quality lash extension, perming, and brow lamination services. Our skilled technicians use the best products to create gorgeous, long-lasting lashes, offering classic, hybrid, and volume styles. Whether you seek drama or subtle enhancement, our experts are here to fulfill your lash dreams. Schedule your appointment for the ultimate lash transformation.

Discover RF Sexy Radiance at Pink Parlour, a cutting-edge treatment blending Radio Frequency technology with our expertise for a radiant, youthful glow. Our customized approach uses gentle radiofrequency waves to stimulate collagen, delivering transformative and safe results. Embrace radiant skin confidently with Pink Parlour's RF Sexy Radiance.

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Woman having an eyelash extension
Pink Parlour brazilian detox.jpg

Experience Pink Parlour's Brazilian Detox—a holistic service addressing vaginal health concerns with a focus on comfort and safety. Our approach restores balance, moisturizes, and supports natural healing processes, promoting confidence and well-being. Let our professionals guide you through a personalized journey towards empowerment and relaxation for a healthier intimate environment with renewed confidence.

Experience Eyebrow Sculpt at Pink Parlour, where skilled professionals redefine your natural beauty with precision-driven brow shaping. Whether you prefer bold or natural, our experts ensure flawless eyebrows that complement your face and boost confidence. Beyond grooming, it's a personalized experience, creating customized shapes for your unique style. Indulge in unparalleled beauty services, leaving with perfectly shaped brows and newfound confidence at Pink Parlour.

Pink Parlour Eyebrow Sculpt
Woman having an eyelash extension
after Pink Parlour  waxing.jpg

Discover grooming excellence with Men Waxing at Pink Parlour. Our specialized service ensures a smooth and long-lasting solution tailored for men's unique hair removal needs. From chest and back to eyebrows and intimate zones, our estheticians deliver precision waxing for impeccably groomed skin. Embrace transformation at Pink Parlour, where grooming meets luxury, leaving you refreshed and confidently smooth. Join us for grooming excellence at Pink Parlour.

Experience EMS Shape at Pink Parlour, a revolutionary fitness solution combining Electrical Muscle Stimulation for targeted muscle toning and fat reduction. This cutting-edge service offers an intense workout with personalized sessions tailored to your fitness level and goals, delivering remarkable effects for a sculpted body. Step into a world where technology meets fitness at Pink Parlour and join us for the transformative benefits of EMS Shape for a stronger, toned physique.

Pink Parlour EMS Shape
Woman having an eyelash extension
Pink Parlour Fat Freeze

Discover non-invasive body sculpting through Pink Parlour's Fat Freeze. Utilizing cryolipolysis, it freezes fat cells to create a contoured silhouette without surgery or downtime. Our personalized approach ensures precise sculpting, facilitating a gradual, natural reduction with an immediate return to daily activities. Enter the realm where technology converges with body sculpting at Pink Parlour for enduring, transformative results. Join us in the quest for excellence through the cutting-edge approach to non-invasive fat reduction.

Uncover the revolutionary Laser Lipo fat removal technique at Pink Parlour. Bid farewell to unwanted fat through this state-of-the-art, non-invasive treatment. Laser Lipo Fat Removal utilizes low-level diode lasers, a breakthrough method that safely and effectively penetrates your skin to target stubborn fat cells. The magic unfolds as these fat cells absorb the laser light, prompting them to break down. This stimulation enables the trapped fat to exit through your body's natural pores, facilitating its effortless disposal.

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