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4 Important Information on Pre & Post Care After Alpha Light IPL hair removal

Ready for your first IPL treatment? Check this out!

Hair Removal

The cosmetic procedure of Alpha Light IPL hair removal intense light energy is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, converting it into heat and effectively destroying the hair follicle. For those who want to get rid of hair from their face, legs, arms, underarms, and bikini lines, Alpha Light IPL hair removal is a popular solution. It is a safe and effective alternative to traditional methods of hair removal like shaving, waxing, and plucking. It is essential to comprehend the pre- and post-care requirements for Alpha Light IPL hair removal in order to get the best results.

What is the process for doing this?

The procedure is generally well-tolerated, with most individuals experiencing only mild sensations of warmth or tingling. Multiple treatment sessions are typically recommended to achieve optimal results, as hair grows in cycles and IPL targets actively growing hairs. Over the course of several weeks, clients notice a gradual reduction in hair density, leading to smoother and silkier skin.

Alpha light IPL hair removal is a safe and non-invasive method, offering long-lasting hair reduction without the need for regular shaving, waxing, or plucking. It provides a convenient solution for individuals seeking a more permanent and efficient approach to hair removal.

Do I Qualify for Alpha Light IPL Hair Removal?

Even if you weren't a candidate for Alpha Light IPL hair removal in the past, you most certainly could be now thanks to the high level of innovation in our modern technology. Still, lighter skin and darker hair are the ideal mix for Alpha Light IPL hair removal.

You may still benefit from our treatments even if you have darker skin or lighter hair. Make an appointment for a consultation at Pink Parlour to explore whether Alpha Light IPL hair removal is the right option for you.

Will I Need Many Alpha Light IPL Treatments?

For the majority of men and women, the best results require six to eight treatments spaced four to eight weeks apart. Despite the fact that Alpha Light IPL hair removal is permanent, new hair might occasionally grow back.

Hormonal fluctuations, particularly those that occur around pregnancy, are when this occurs most frequently. If any new hair starts to grow in the treated area, you can always come back to Pink Parlour for touch-up treatments as needed.

Does Alpha Light IPL Hair Removal Hurt?

In temperate areas (like your underarms), you might feel a little discomfort, but pain shouldn't be an issue. The majority of men and women who have had Alpha Light IPL hair removal describe feeling as though tiny rubber bands are flicking their skin.

Using a topical numbing lotion, which you can get over the counter from your nearby drugstore, is excellent before to entering Pink Parlour for your treatment. the skin will be totally numb throughout the session if you do this. To have the same effects, you might also use an ice pack.

14 Important Information on Pre & Post Care Alpha Light IPL Hair Removal

Pre-Care (What To Do Before An Appointment)

1. Shave the area at least 24 hours before your appointment.

  • The closer it is, the closer the shave. If it's your first time, leave a little patch of hair so the expert can examine it. Your specialist will trim it before beginning the process.

  • If you intend to wear a bikini, don't shave the area where you want to leave the hair.

2. Avoid applying lotion, deodorant, or makeup to the treatment area on the day of your appointment.

3. For at least three days prior to (and three days following) your appointment, stay out of the sun.

4. Avoid using self-tanners or spray tan products for at least two weeks before to your treatment to avoid any potential injury.

5. It's not advisable to consume more than two alcoholic beverages within 24 hours of your treatment.

6. For at least four weeks, keep the region free from waxing, threading, and tweezing. Shave with no shame!

Post care

7. Redness and bumps are common.

Immediately after treatment, redness and pimples are common; they may last for two hours or more. It's usual for the treated area to feel sunburned for a few hours after treatment. Apply a cold compress if the sensitivity doesn't go away. If there is any crusting, apply an antibiotic cream. In comparison to lighter skin, discomfort may be greater and linger longer with darker-colored skin.

8. Clean the area you just treated gently.

You can gently wash the treated area with a mild soap. The skin shouldn't be scrubbed for the first 48 hours; instead, it should be patted dry.

9. AVOID applying deodorant, lotion, or makeup during the first 24 hours.

Dry off and keep the treated area clean. Delay applying moisturizer to your face and deodorant to your underarms until any new redness or discomfort has subsided.

10. After your treatment, dead hair will begin to come out five to thirty days later.

The appearance of stubble, which is the result of dead hair falling out of the hair follicle, happens 5 to 30 days after the treatment date. They will soon separate because that is normal.

11. Exfoliate to speed up the hair shedding.

Between 5 and 30 days after the therapy, the hair may begin to fall out, which could appear as new hair growth. Not fresh hair development, but the dead hair, is fighting its way out of the follicle. Shaving and using a washcloth or a Shobha® Exfoliating Cloth (available at LH) can help with hair reduction.

12. Avoid the sunlight.

For two months, avoid the sun to reduce your risk of developing dark or light spots. Use sunscreen (SPF 25 or higher) continuously for 1-2 months following treatment and for the duration of the therapy.

13. Never wax, thread, tweeze, pluck, or scratch that area.

Avoid picking or scratching the treated skin. Avoid utilizing hair removal tools or methods on the treated region during your Alpha Light IPL treatments, since this will prevent you from achieving the optimum results.

14. Hair growth varies.

Most people experience some degree of hairlessness, and happiness, and quit looking for stubble after 6–9 sessions (yes, it's a life-changing experience!).

Only with the right pre- and post-care can this cosmetic procedure yield the best results. You can lessen discomfort and side effects and achieve smooth, hair-free skin by following the recommended care recommendations, which cover everything from preparing your skin before the operation to caring for it afterwards.

Sun exposure and other hair removal methods that could harm the hair follicle must be avoided both before and after Alpha Light IPL hair removal. Furthermore, taking good care of your skin and getting enough water will reduce your chance of issues and speed up the healing process.

Overall, for the best outcomes, it's critical to understand the pre- and post-care recommendations for Alpha Light IPL hair removal. People can get the most out of their treatment and experience smooth, hair-free skin by following these suggestions.

You can start your Alpha Light IPL hair removal package at Pink Parlour right away by scheduling a consultation. You can do this online or over the phone.


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