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Dos and Don'ts after waxing on a rainy season

Waxing during raining is very disturbing. If you get a wax done on a rainy season, you can notice the stickiness feeling due to sweat. Because of that, wax does not remove hair properly. It's annoying to wax again and again. So here are some tips for you to apply when waxing during moonsoon!


  • Apply moisturizer. After waxing, apply moisturizer or Pink Parlour's soothing lotion on the waxed area. This creates a protective layer on exposed pores and reduces rediness and itchiness on the skin.

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  • Wear cotton and loose clothes. After waxing, make sure that you are wearing cotton clothes to avoid the stickiness and uneasiness feeling. It should also be loose clothes so that the air can get in easily.


  • Do not touch the waxed area. Do not touch the newly waxed area. It can transfer bacterias and clog open pores.

  • Do not sratch the area that has been wax. If you scratch the waxed area, it may further cause irritation to the new skin.

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