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Nail Colours for Summer? 7 days free touch up at Pink Parlour!

Without nail treatment, there may be a chance of developing fungi and other infections. Cleaning manicures and pedicures make your nails healthy and reduce the chance to get infected. It also removes your dead skin cells which encourage new cell growth, leaving the nails healthier and stronger. Moreover, having manicures and pedicures helps you to relieve stress, lift up your mood, and make it look groomed.


Furthermore, getting your nail colours is a good thing as it can also be a perfect accessory for you that can fit your outfit. The question is, what nail colours do you desire for summer? Let Pink Parlour do it for you!

Here’s another good thing, despite being cheap, we offer a 7 days nail polish touch-up warranty!

These are the types of nail polish we use: ORLY, OPI, and China Glaze. With these expensive brands of cuticles, Pink Parlour can provide supplemental quality services that the clients experience.

Plus, you can be comfortable with these seats while doing your nails. :)

Or are you a private person? There is also a place for you.

Private Nail Area

So, what are you waiting for, kittens? Let your nails be healthy and beautiful this summer!

Find our nails services here and book now:


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