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This Christmas, Pink Parlour gave to me.........

It’s just a few more weeks till Christmas! Are you excited? Well then, let us excite you more! Pink Parlour offers everyone special deals and promos this holiday!

This Christmas, Pink Parlour would like to give a 200 pesos gift coupon that you can claim in all of Pink Parlour stores! Here are the mechanics on how you can claim the 200 pesos gift coupon!

How to claim the 200 pesos gift coupon:

  • Screenshot the announcement and present it to the store.

  • No minimum purchase.

  • Not applicable to any discounts or package redemption and purchase.

  • Coupon can only be used on the day of the visit.

This promo is extended till December 31, 2022! Just screenshot and present at the store.

What are you waiting for? Things are beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Claim your 200 pesos gift coupon at any Pink Parlour branches near you before it runs out!


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