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Pink Parlour is a safe place

Having a clean workplace is important as it lies there the safety of employees and clients. It can also contribute to the efficient and effective operation of the business.

We at Pink Parlour take pride in making sure you’re treated to a pleasant experience. If you need to get rid of unwanted hair, whether you’re getting your bumbum smoothed out or you’re looking for an amazing spray tan experience, Pink Parlour got you covered. We’ll make it quick, easy, and safe. We don’t just remove your hair or get you smooth – we also care about your safety!

Our mission has always been to provide you with unique and highest quality services, in a clean and safe environment. This starts from the moment you walk in our door - where we maintain a 3x weekly anti-bacterial fogging session & disinfecting every after clients.

Also, here at Pink Parlour, we also have a “no double-dipping policy” Once the spatula has been used, we automatically throw it away.

Pink Parlour staffs are responsible and careful while performing their job. That’s why in Pink Parlour, you are in good hands.

Pink Parlour also offer shower facility to ensure highest hygiene standard to protect both our team members & valued clients.

Clean and ensure your safety! Try waxing now at Pink Parlour!

More services, click here: Pink Parlour PH


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